Tea Tree Face Care Gift Set

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Product Overview

Therapy for Acne-prone, Blemished, Oily and Combination Skin

Our Tea Tree Face Care Gift Set includes; our Tea Tree Facial Cleanser, Tea Tree Facial Toner, Tea Tree Mask and Perfect Skin Serum to help instantly remove impurities, control. It absorbs excess oil while soothing and calming acne-prone blemished skin. A great solution to preventing acne as well as reducing the appearances of blemishes, blackheads and dark spots to reveal brighter, clearer, healthier skin.

Gift Set Details:

Tea Tree Facial Cleanser

This purifying facial cleanser contains essential natural ingredients, including Organic Tea Tree Oil, Tamanu Oil, and Vitamin E. It helps to improve the texture, clarity, and radiance of your skin. Acts as an antibacterial cleanser to leave the skin clean, refreshed, and balanced.

Tea Tree Facial Toner

This refreshing toner contains natural ingredients that are great for decongesting your skin and preventing future breakouts. Moreover, it removes the last traces of make-up, dirt, and oil, leaving skin feeling soft and ready for moisturizing.

Tea Tree Face Mask

This skin-clearing face mask contains Organic Tea Tree leaf extracts, Tamanu Oil and other essential ingredients to help instantly cool, clear impurities, soothe and refresh the skin. Deep cleanse your pores and reveal brighter, smoother, clearer skin.

 Perfect Skin Serum

A unique blend of 12 essential botanical oils and herbs designed to provide an improvement on the appearance of acne, scars, blemishes and dark spots. Also, contains natural anti-bacterial properties, which will help to keep pores clean and clear, preventing breakouts and helping to regenerate the skin cells for brighter, healthier, radiant skin.

Lala's skincare products are 100% natural and made up of certified fair trade and organic ingredients — giving you our best natural skincare products while respecting people and the environment.

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