Hand Shea Butter - 3 Pack

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Product Overview

Shea Aloeganic is a rich butter loaded with vitamins that deeply hydrates hands. The butter melts right away leaving your hands moisten but not greasy. The butter repairs cracked dry flaky skin. Consistent application of it will soften your hands. Shea Aloeganic has a calming coconut lime scent.

Pure Grace nourishes your hands with vitamins A, E and Fatty acids that hydrate, repair and revitalizes the skin. It is loaded with anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidants properties that boost skin cells that repair problematic skin. This hand butter is Ideal for dry skin, chapped heels, and hands.  For soft healthy hands, nourish your hands with it regularly. Pure Grace has a sweet pleasant vanilla sweet. 

Nilotica Shea butter is a soft luxurious miracle cream a super food loaded with therapeutic vitamins A, E Fatty acids, anti inflammatory and anti oxidants properties that nourishes, repairs and revitalize your hands. This butter is scent free and is Ideal for no scent work environments.

Hand Care Tips

  • Using hand cream after washing your hands is a safe and clean way to prevent dry skin.
  • You want to pat your hands dry and leave a small amount of dampness, and then moisturize.
  • Lotions, which are primarily water-based, can further dry out skin because the water evaporates.
  • Nourish your hands with Sherabo Organics’ Shea butter that is oil-based and chemical free.

Ingredients (All our ingredients are organic and cold pressed)

Shea Aloeganic- Shea butter | Coconut oil | Avocado oil | Aloe Vera
Pure Grace- Shea butter | Cocoa butter | Aloe Vera
Shea butter- 100% Organic Shea butter

"Feed your skin and glow naturally"