About Us


Nicious is an online Health & Wellness shop that features a variety of quality hand selected products! We are vegan friendly, Canadian-made and proudly black owned!

Nicious is set up like a marketplace. We offer a variety of products from brands and suppliers worldwide. Shopping on Nicious can be compared to shopping on Amazon. Each brand ships separately, therefore you will receive a package per brand you chose to shop from, via their preferred courier. We have worked closely with our partnered brands to ensure that you get the best shipping rates possible.

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Our story:

Our founder has been a health & wellness enthusiast and vegan her entire life. Her mother owned a health food store at a young age, selling similar products to Nicious. Her father has been a registered reflexologist and her health coach her entire life!

She grew up learning the value and harmony between nature and the body. Through cooking she used God's fruits and vegetables to nourish her body, through natural medicine, she treated her body allowing it to heal itself from ailments, and through organic agriculture, she learned the importance and significance of growing various plants and herbs and their significance to the ecosystem.

She went on to graduate from college as a chef and culinary manager, which over time transformed into a passion for the art of vegan cuisine. Along with Nicious she provides meal prepping services throughout Toronto and the surrounding areas. Health & Wellness is deep rooted in our founder's blood. Nicious is passion became purpose!


Nicious is a company that believes in holistic and ital living. The riches of life is not based on material possessions, rather health, wellness and living from nature.

Nicious' core values are to provide natural and eco-friendly products, to help grow small & local business and to promote the importance of an overall healthy lifestyle.

Our mission is to become the number one Health & Wellness Marketplace that provides a platform to help grow small and large businesses, as well as provide the best quality products to our customers. 

Visit each brand in the menu, to see why we chose them to be apart of Nicious!

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